Mobilight DC-1000 Kit, 600 watt Second Head with Lithium Battery & Output Box Set


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MFR Code: 2465 JTL
The JTL Mobilight DC-1000 with Lithium Battery & Output Box Set features a Battery operated strobe, computerized output adjustment in 1/2 and 1/10 power setting, 360┬░ universal LED receiver for wireless remote control and Resistive (quiet) power-dump. The JTL Mobilight is designed like the Versalight series for on-location and studio photographers, but the Mobilight series can vary its power source. It can draw its power from either a battery or an electric outlet, so it is not bound by the physical limits of a wire or cord

* Customer replaceable flash tube with built-in protector
* 12V. DC safe working voltage
* Digital power display on lighting functions
* Alarm system for malfunction & exhausting power
* Max. Joule 600 at 5600(+/-200)K
* Built-in stabilizer for output precision +/-0.1F
* Dual locking for ceiling rail installation
* Sliding bracket to insure the supporting stability
* Output power regulation +/-0.05EV
* Idle setting to save battery electricity
* Built-in thermostat to avoid overheat
* Built-in photo slave
* Working with all kinds of JTL lighting accessories
* Optional Arm-handle and stand-bracket
* Easy to carry with shoulder strap included
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Style of Flash Tube
Detachable optidress quartz circular tube with UV correction
Max. Output
600 joules (W/S)
Power Adjustment
42 digitalized stops, 7-600 joules w/s
Color Temperature
Flash Duration
1/800 seconds
Flash-tube Life
50,000 flashes in full power
Coverage Range
55 degree angle with 7" reflector
Slave Sensitivity
Recharge Rate
1-6 seconds
Triggering Voltage
<5V, DC
Triggered By
Test button, photo slave, pc sync cord, wireless radio & infrared signals
Power Supply
DC with JTL Lithium Battery
Modeling Lamp
Style of Light Bulb: JDE, base E-14
Power Output
12V-10W DC
Color Temperature
Lamp Life
500 hours
Coverage Range
55 degree with 7"reflector
Guide Number
320ft (78m) ISO 100
Flash Regulation
+/- 0.05EV
Synchronic Voltage
<5V, DC
Output Precision
+/- 0.1F
Photo Slave
360 degree
Recycle Indication
Audio & visual signal (full charge)
Energy Release
Flash or silent discharge for decrement power settings
Energy Saving Mode
Idle mode available
JTL warranty
Manufactured by:
Mfg Part No:
Shipping Weight:
21.0 pounds

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